What are the project goals?

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The following goals were developed to provide guidance for the project, these can be found in the EA Terms of Reference.

Goal #1: Revitalize the Waterfront, including:

  • Urban design excellence
  • Create tourist destinations
  • Rejuvenate underutilized and derelict lands
  • Amenities for local and regional users
  • Build on existing plans
  • Opportunity for city-building

Goal #2: Reconnect the City with the Lake, including

  • Create connections for downtown, City and region to the waterfront
  • Connect new waterfront communities
  • Attractive and connected public realm

Goal #3: Balance Modes of Travel, including

  • Balance social, economic, and environmental benefits
  • Maintain continuity for local residents, commuters, freight, and regional travelers
  • Integrate planned transit
  • Manage transport supply and demand

Goal #4: Achieve Sustainability, including

  • Commit to sustainability
  • Contribute to development that has a positive impact
  • Complement and enhance waterfront  environmental naturalization initiatives
  • Promote social engagement, reduction of  GHGs, and public awareness of environmental issues
  • Integrate ecology with city design

Goal #5: Create Value, including

  • Plan and design for positive net value creation
  • Capture value for public sector
  • Maximize net economic and environmental benefits