What is the present state of the Gardiner East?

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The City performs a number of maintenance and rehabilitation activities every year on the Gardiner Expressway.  Over the past decade, the City has spent nearly $75 million on Gardiner repairs and maintenance.  Starting in 2013, the City has embarked on an extensive rehabilitation plan for maintenance of the roadway.

Keeping the expressway in a state of good repair is critical.  The roadway is a key element of the city's transportation system which sees people and goods travelling in and out of the city every day. That's why Toronto council has approved about $900 million be allocated for roadway repairs over the next decade.

Between Jarvis Street and the Don Roadway, the Gardiner Expressway is the subject of an EA study examining options for the expressway and Lake Shore Boulevard. As a result, staff is recommending that the originally planned rehabilitation is postponed until the EA is completed and its conclusions are approved by City Council. In the interim, some urgent repairs will be completed in 2013 and this section will be regularly inspected by City engineers.