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The Gardiner Expressway was built during the late 1950s and early 1960s, and is named for Frederick Gardiner, the first chair of the now defunct Metro Council. The Gardiner Expressway is a critical piece of transportation infrastructure and, with its connection with the Don Valley Parkway, is a significant component of our highway system. However, like a lot of infrastructure in Canada, the expressway needs ongoing maintenance and repair. The effects of weather, salt and the impacts of thousands of vehicles on its surface every day has taken its toll. To see just how many people use the Gardiner East every day, click here.

In 2013, the City embarked on a robust maintenance program to keep the entire expressway in a state of good repair. Toronto City Council has endorsed a plan to spend about $500 million on road rehabilitation work between 2013 and 2022.

In addition, Waterfront Toronto and the City of Toronto as co-proponents resumed the Gardiner Expressway & Lake Shore Boulevard Reconfiguration Environmental Assessment (EA) and Integrated Urban Design Study in 2013 to help determine the future of the easterly section of the expressway running east of Jarvis Street to approximately Logan Avenue.
The EA has examined four alternatives.

The EA started in early 2009 with development of the Terms of Reference. The ToR were approved by City Council in August 2009 and by the Ontario Minister of the Environment in November 2009.

The following five goals were developed to provide guidance for the project, these can be found in the Terms of Reference.

  1. Revitalize the Waterfront
  2. Reconnect the City with the Lake
  3. Balance Modes of Travel
  4. Achieve Sustainability
  5. Create Value
Urban Design, Transportation & Infrastructure, Environment and Economics are the four evaluation lenses that will provide the structure for the evaluation of the alternatives in the EA.

While the EA will include a comprehensive study of both regional and local traffic impacts, the approach of the study will assess the future of the Gardiner East in the overall context of creating a better city. The Urban Design Study is a central guiding component of the Environmental Assessment and will ensure that the review process places an emphasis on quality of place.

Your input into this important project is critical at every stage of the process. To learn more about how to participate, click here.

For the Study Timeline please click, here.