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How to Play Poker: The Comprehensive Guide

How to play poker at an online casino

You’ve come to the perfect site if you want to learn how to play poker. It’s a popular game that continues to rise in popularity year after year. It’s also a terrific way to make money at an online casino while having a good time. This is an excellent location to begin learning how to play poker if you’re new to the game. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know step by step.

What is Texas Hold’em?

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker variants in the world and is the poker variant played in the World Series of Poker tournament. It is also the most popular poker variant in the world. The Texas Hold’em format was created by professional poker player Rick May.

What is the best Texas Hold’em strategy? Actual Texas Hold’em involves 7 cards (8 if there’s no hole in one). No dealer presents the hand and players are dealt several cards from a bag. Now the only thing you must do is follow the sequence of cards. Now you do not necessarily need to think about these tactics. For example, if there’s a 9 in your hand you need to be on 9. Or the next card could be a suited No. 2 and you need to be on 11. Or a suited No. 8, you need to be on 10.

The best Texas Hold’em strategy is to hold ‘em as long as possible unless you lose. If you do not lose the game is a tie. There are tons of ways to hold ‘em. You can have people ‘point’ at you, you can have people ‘call’ you to explain an event to you, you can have people ‘write’ something for you, you can have people ‘buy’ your cards as in a minor-league baseball game and you can even have people ‘pay’ you for your cards. These are just a few of the possibilities that you can use to gain an advantage.

Betting and raising

One of the most powerful and effective strategies you can use to improve your poker game is betting and raising. On its own, betting is less intimidating to your opponents than raising, but when you combine the two, you force them to make tough decisions.No matter your strength or experience, taking advantage of these two strategies has the potential to skyrocket your game.

There are two types of Texas Hold’em, black and white. When playing against a player (which is supposed to be everyone in a game and a variation on the setting) you are allowed to bring as much money as you have, which is why we are talking about playing and raising here. This guide will focus on the beginner to intermediate level of Texas Hold’em.

At the most basic level, when you flip four cards, (two cards face up, two back) you are raising of some kind. In Texas Hold’em, if all of your cards are face down when you fold ‘em, you are raising. Five of the seven available cards are face down, and all of them are raised. This means that all the other cards are worth something. Spend your time rinsing ‘n repeat, because it’ll be worth it. When all of a player’s cards are face-up, (two turned up, three turned down) you are calling. When all of a player’s cards are turned over and re-raised, you are calling again. In other words, you are building your ‘house’ with these cards.

There are only two ways you can win a game of Texas Hold’em, with. Clearing a pair with a straight (or raising with all five cards up) is called a “Show” player victory. If you have to draw, a third of your house is lost. Of course, all of this is a language designed to explain poker, but it should help you get some perspective on when to call and when it’s more advantageous to raise.

Download a Poker Game and Join a Poker Room

The first step to getting started with poker is to download a poker game and join a poker room. There are many poker game apps for your phone or tablet, and you can download them for free and start playing immediately. Once you join a poker room, you’ll need to make your first deposit. The minimum deposit is usually around $20.The minimum win is usually about $5 or $10. The minimum bets are usually 2,000 or 2,500. The minimum game is usually $5 cash or $10 thousand. The higher the minimum wins, the easier poker is for beginners.

When you’re first learning Texas Hold’em, you call it a “flop.” If you have a good strategy, it’s usually a short-handed Texas Hold’em game. It’s not called a Texas Hold’em Tournament for nothing. You have a total of 5 rounds. (You can only play with 3 of the same cards.) You only need to win one game, then you can call it a “W” for the win (you get more cash). To make a flop, all you have to do is bet on the pink (highest card [highest amount]). If you’ve got a good amount of chips (called your stack), then you’re the high-stakes winner.

How much is a Texas Hold’em Tournament? In a typical Texas Hold’em poker tournament, you’ll play in approximately 150 hands with a mean of 150. It usually takes about 4 hours of gameplay. The highest-stakes Texas Hold’em tournament is $100,000. If you want to get into Texas Hold’em, you can learn to grind it out with many high-stakes tournaments for around $5,000.

Blackjack Tips

Hitting means asking for another card. Standing means you don’t take any more additional cards. Splitting when you have 2 cards of the same value you can make two separate hands, the bet is the same as the original bet but essentially you double the bet. Doubling down means to double the amount of your bet, get an extra card and stand. Surrendering means you can surrender half of your bet if you believe you may lose the hand. Insurance means the dealer having an Ace as their up card you can take insurance. Which is a half value of your original bet, so you’re wagering the dealer has a blackjack. Betting each session/hand should be at least 32 betting units. (Example: $10.00 a hand should bring $320.00).

Start with small bets, as your bankroll changes bet higher or lower accordingly. Understanding the dealer. Dealer wins right away if you surrender or bust. When the dealer is closer to 21 in the value of their hand they win. If dealers have 16 or less they must hit. If they have 18 or more they must stand. The dealer has soft 17 they must hit, hard 17 must stand. Choose the right table. Consider the lowest limit game and know your limits. Understand the house edge. A house edge is 2-3 % if the player is not using a strategy. Meaning, over a period of time the house can likely win a profit of 2-3% of the money you are betting. Using a strategy can reduce that percentage. Scale bets up and down depending on your hands. Manage your bankroll, decide on a maximum amount you can comfortably spend before jumping into the game. Never place bets you can’t afford in hope of getting back any losses. Try a betting system, learn splitting, a game strategy. They could work but are not guaranteed. Every move made in blackjack has a big impact. So most importantly, know how to make the most of the hand of cards you’re dealt.

For example ( If you have a 9,5 and the dealer has a face down,4 you should stand. There’s a chance you already beat them or you both might bust just by taking another card. Rule of thumb, if your hand is between 12-16 and the dealer has a hand between 2-6, stand).

For example ( Your hand 8,5 and dealer face down, 8. You want to hit. Good chance the dealer will get a higher total and if you risk they could win. Generally, if you have between 12-16 and the dealer has 7-ace, try to hit).

If you join a table with higher limits you have more serious players possibly using betting systems and the chance of losing quickly without your strategy in place. Always know to stop while you’re ahead and move around. There are many etiquettes in blackjack casinos to remember. Don’t hand money to the dealer. Always place your cash on the outside of your betting spot and tell the dealer your denomination in chips. Do not pick up your cards with 2 hands, only one. When there are 4 cards or more don’t touch the cards. Never move cards anywhere. Must always be in view. Don’t place any objects on the table. Don’t touch chips after bets have been made. Don’t use words, only hand signals when telling your dealer to hit or stand, etc. If you are betting with different denominations of chips, the higher denomination must be at the bottom. Don’t take out any of your frustrations on other fellow players.

Ask to join a table, don’t just sit down and place bets in the middle of a game. Don’t tell players how to play or bet. If they ask for advice then you can choose to offer. Blackjack is a favoured game due to the favourable math, it’s a game of skill. Using certain betting techniques and certain play strategies could swing the odds in your favour. Hints to help: Dealers can’t split pairs, so you have an advantage. Being able to double your wager when it arises, a dealer can not. You could receive a 3-2 bonus payoff, whereas dealers can only get paid 1-1 for their win. Just learning correct standing, splitting and doubling can minimize the house edge. Learn the correct playing strategy. Look for games with favourable rules, look for “comps” and special casino promotions. Some experienced players use counting techniques but it is always not advised. Another key hint when splitting always split Aces, and 8’s don’t split 10’s. Basic keys to strategy could make or break the game. Remember these tips and get out there to place your bets!

Popular Casino Games in Canada

Gambler walks to a casino for a game does so with a purpose to win good money and secondly to have fun and enjoy the moment. Various Canadian casinos have different rules of engagements on how they pay their players and the return to player percentages of the game. Since around 2015, the Canadian casino industry has been witnessing immense changes, especially when it comes to online gambling. The whole industry has matured over time, with the casino offering excellent bonus features to their players. Similarly, payment features have improved and have now become secure and dependable. In Canada, different states and provinces have varying regulations when it comes to rules against gambling. Many games have become a darling to Canadian gamblers and made a footprint in the casino industry. The following are some of the popular casino games in Canada.

1. Slot Machines

In Canada, slot machines are a favourite to many gamblers, both experienced and newbies, but the world all over. It should not be a surprise that charity organizations offer most slot machine games, but folate, almost any serious casino offers slot machine to its customers. What makes slot machine a darling and an attraction to many gamblers is the whole idea about their design, how they function, and simple accessibility. Slot machines can be played both online and offline.

For you to engage in a slot machine, gamblers get only tasked with selecting their favourite pay line and then placing a bet and indicating whether they want to wager or not. Any newbie in the casino industry can begin their gambling journey with slot machines as it’s less complicated and more comfortable to learn.

Recently, the slot machine has been witnessing some revolutions that have continuously enticed new players. The addictive graphic design around these slot machines makes the entire game quite easy and accessible via phone or a personal computer.

2. Blackjack

Come across any aspiring gambler or any Canadian experienced gambler and pose to them what is their favourite game. I can assure you Blackjack will feature prominently on that list. Blackjack is famous not only in Canada but also elsewhere in other parts of the world. Blackjack is among the few games with a variation of options gamblers and players can comfortably engage in. Blackjack is available both in a physical casino setting and as an online game. Blackjack is unique as it demands some table etiquette. Table etiquette governs the blackjack game, but it has a set of rules that control the engagement and conduct of players.

Blackjack comes with some exciting features and rewards to the player. From exciting bonuses to some inbuilt internal tips, all aimed at making the game enticing and enjoyable. This game is a card comparing game. The idea behind Blackjack has a card for a player that plays against their dealer. Blackjacks one of the most played casino games in the entire gambling industry. Experienced players and gamblers usually advise new players first to try low-risk games like Blackjack to build on experience and gather useful gambling tips.

3. Poker

Just like Blackjack and other popular games, Poker is as well one of the highest-ranked casino games not only in Canada but the world all over. If there is one game that is relatively easy to engage, learn, and follow smoothly, it’s a poker game. But astonish gamblers have classified Poker as one of the most challenging casino games to play. Some unique features about poker games are that bettors can place their bets based on the cards depending on the cards one is holding compared to what other gamblers are having.

What’s fascinating and pressure rising is that players cannot see what other players are holding. Hence players engage in tactics to see who blinks first. Currently, there is a changing trend that has seen the online version of poker gain momentum. Various casinos have opted to offer online poker games exclusively to the large growing online gamblers in Canada. Casinos have become transparent, and they are revealing everything a player needs to know. Such practices have seen players choose to engage top-tier online gambling sites and casinos as they offer the best chances of striking a win.

4. Roulette

Tracing its origin from France over 300 years ago, today roulette is among Canada’s high ranking casino games. Many thanks to the roulette casino game because its elegance and sophistication make it a darling to many. As for roulette getting categorized as a table game, roulette has some of the few payouts but quite popular among gamblers. Engaging and participate in roulette is relatively easy; players get only required to place a wager all in a bid. The ball will halt at the number of choices in the spinning wheel. In general, there are two popular roulette played around the world. Both French roulette and American Roulette are widely popular and played here in Canada. The only striking difference between the two versions of roulette is that the American roulette comes with a spinning wheel with 38 numbers and a pair of zeros. While the French Roulette has no double zero and comes with 37 numbers on its spinning wheel.

5. Baccarat

Card games are quite popular in Canada, and Baccarat is yet another category that makes it the most popular casino games played in Canada. Just like Blackjack, Baccarat involves a comparison of cards, and the main participants in this game are a player and a banker. The Baccarat casino game comes with only three options available to players. First, any player can either win the game, and the banker loses. The other option is where a banker wins the game, and the player loses. The final option is where there is a tie between the player and the banker. In most instances, players have a higher chance of winning Baccarat the bankers. If you happen to walk into any casino, traditional or those upcoming casinos, you will find Baccarat on the list of casino games they offer. Baccarat is relatively easy to play; no wonder it gets quite a high attraction from new players and experienced gamblers. The game is quite simple and does not contain some bureaucratic rules that make it sophisticated. Baccarat offers its enthusiasts some variations only available to the few, and players can comfortably engage in a single-player game where they are the only participants with one banker. Also, there is a possibility of engaging in a multiplayer where you can have more than one player and banker engaging in a single game. The Baccarat game is offered online or in a casino, but based on the option you choose to engage in, the experience is the same.

6. Craps

Craps is quite simple and among the easiest of the casino games, one can engage in. The craps involve rolling two dice, and players usually make a wager as a bet depending on the dice outcome. The game allows gamblers to wager money against their opponent or even a banker. Craps is among the highly entertaining and fun-filled casino games. It’s not a wonder you might have witnessed cheers and shouting during your visits to a casino. The chances of that being a craps table are relatively high. In Canada, Craps makes on the list of the most popular casino game.

A Gambling Guide in Toronto


With no much land-based casino, Toronto had a rich and luxurious history of gambling. In the earlier half of the last century, the South Etobicoke area embodied six different gambling establishments where locals were entertained in cards, sports, and billiards.

With its establishment in 1975, The Ontario Lottery Corporation has since made promising progress in the field of gambling and lottery. With jackpot draws, card games, and slot machines, the Corporation has made a steady and sustainable gaming option for the Torontonians.

Land casino proposals have been rejected for quite a long time. Though the proposal of opening up doors of a land casino seems bleak, the booming online casinos take the lead. With the largest population in Canada as a province, it also deserves to be called the gaming capital of the country.


With a 57000 square feet sized casino and about a 3000 slot machines, the OLG Slots Casino, in the Woodbine Racetrack, heads the list. All organisations hosting establishments should be operated under the authorship of the OLG.

Great Blue Heron Charity Casino and the Rama Casino are some of the nearest establishments. Though miles away, they offer a myriad of revelling opportunities

The year 2018 has brought about discussions on developing a brand-new casino on the Toronto waterfront, as a theme park run by the government has been closed down. A single online platform has been provided for the residents, PlayOLG, a state-run initiative.


Sports betting

With its love for sports, the city has housed many high-end teams, The Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Toronto Argonauts. Though popularity for sports betting is on the rise among the population, the ventures in this regard have been few. This reasons why people opt for offshore operations.

Animal Racing

When all gambling forms are regulated on a provincial level, animal Racing is held by The Canadian Pari-mutuel Agency. The Ontario Racing commission oversees the organisation of events and makes sure the parties are licensed.


Poker, as always, a world favourite, has been the same for the Toronto population. Online poker is available in the government monitored PlayOLG. Two land-based poker establishments are located at the Canadian National Exhibition Casino and Casino Rama.



The AGCO is in the upfront managing all lottery games offered by OLG. The policy ensures the integrity of lottery games and consumer protection in the field. Age restriction allows only 18-year-old adults to be participants of the game. Since 1975, the primary lottery has been the Ontario Lottery that comes under the Ontario Lottery Corporation Act.

Toronto has historically been a community with favourable perspectives on gambling. With its shortcomings in land casinos and sports betting that needs to be rectified, Ontario remains a booming field for gambling and casinos.

How Do the Casinos Enable and Feed the Gambling Addiction of Individuals?

Gambling Addiction

Casinos are entertainment houses designed to provide some fun to people and aid them in making money out of that fun. This is what we know and acknowledge of. However, what might at times go unnoticed and unacknowledged is that these casinos are designed in a way to further their business as much as they want to serve their customers. The architecture, the designs, the types of games that these casinos have could all become catalysts of gambling addiction, if one is not careful enough. Casinos are not charitable organizations, and their primary goal is to scale and further their business. And that is how they engage in indirect means of manipulation and persuasion that could enable gambling addiction. Let us now move on to examining some more details about this topic over the length and breadth of the article.

What Is Gambling Addiction and How Serious Is It?

Gambling addiction is as serious and works exactly the same way as any other substance. It changes the neural pathways of individuals and makes them dependent on the habit. Addicts feel like they cannot live through a day without gambling. Gambling becomes their life force. And that is why it is an extremely serious issue. Addiction to gambling or problem gambling can lead to several other mental health disorders. It can also spin a web of legal and financial troubles for the addict.


The Role of Casinos in Enabling Gambling Addiction:

In this section of the article, we shall see how casinos enable gambling addiction. As we mentioned earlier, everything inside a casino is designed to lure customers. And this could lead to them forming a habit if they are not careful.

Casinos do not have clocks inside them. This is a calculated move by the casinos which prohibits people to keep an eye out for the amount of time they spend inside these establishments. And once people lose track of their time, they indulge more in gambling, and eventually develop it into a habit.

The slot machines inside the casinos are also arranged in a haphazard manner. It might take you a long time to figure your way out through the machine. And the longer you take to find your way out, the higher will your urge be to play on the machines, hence enabling the addiction.

Wrapping Up:

These were just some of the few ways in which casinos enable gambling addiction. They use specific designs and patterns, and also use consumer psychology to the best of their advantage. And while this benefits the casinos to scale their business, it also enables the gambling addiction. And that is why it is important that gamblers are aware of the tricks of the trade so that they can stay safe and secure.

Some Facts about Casino Gambling that Will Pique Your Interest at Once


Casinos and gambling are fun affairs. The industry is worth several million and for good enough reasons. The kind of fun and entertainment it provides to its customers is like nothing else. Customers get to let their hair down as well as make some easy money out the same. It is, what one could say, a fun investment that can come with high returns if one knows how to play the games. And thus, with a domain as interesting as this one, it is natural to feel intrigued by the history and facts about it. Casino gambling has several facts that could blow your minds. And understanding these shall only add on to your vast repository of knowledge. Let us, therefore, take a look at some of these facts and lighten our moods for a bit.

The Biggest Win from Slot Machines is Recorded at $39.7 Million:

It is no secret that slots are the most popular forms of games at a casino. This is not because they have lower risks than other games. However, the risks are worth it. The prize money is a steal, and that can go higher than one could have fathomed. This argument can be corroborated by the fact that the biggest win from slot machines is recorded at $39.7 million. Imagine how this money might have changed the life of the person who won it.

Slot Machines

Slot Machines are Known to Pay at least 70 Per Cent:

The second reason why slot machines are so popular is because these machines pay at least 70 per cent. And this is what makes the risks associated with these machines so worth it. Slot machines have a guaranteed payout even if you are not winning the jackpot. This means that you shall never have to go home without any return on your investment. And when you think about it, 70 per cent is not a figure that can be ignored.

The Longest Poker Ran for More than Eight Year:

Perhaps the weirdest and the most interesting fact that we have about casino gambling in this article is that the longest poker game ran for over eight years. Imagine the tenacity and patience of the players involved in the game. The players only indulged in occasional sleep and rest, and played the game on a 24-hour rolling basis. This is probably something you never fathomed!

Wrapping Up:

Casinos are fun, and some of the facts related to this space are just plain weird. There are several other facts that you can look up if you are interested enough. The knowledge of these facts might not enhance your game, but it sure will arouse your interest in playing the games and frequenting the casinos.

The Easiest Games to Play and Win at the Casinos


Casino games are mostly about luck, or so the casinos would have you believe. But you must know better than to believe in this myth. There is no doubt that these games are mostly dependent on chances. But there are always means that you can resort to, to tweak your chances of winning the games. It is not rocket science; just a little bit of mathematics and making educated guesses. The first thing that you can always do to enhance your chances of winning at the casino is to select the right casino games that work the best for you. You must understand that each game works differently for different people. You might be good at blackjack, but that does not mean that your friend will be equally good at it. Therefore, you need to be able to pick your games wisely. Having said that, there are a few games that are regarded to be safe bets for anyone who is new to the domain. And in this article, we shall have a look at all the games that you can try your luck at and win easily.


Let us start the list with the classic game of blackjack. Blackjack is that one game that most gamblers love to play. The rules are simple, and there is enough scope of making the game your own. Plus, blackjack also leaves ample room for people to count cards which can enhance the chances of winning. Card-counting, contrary to popular belief, is not illegal or unethical. However, some casinos do not encourage this practice because it lowers their house edge.



Another easy and fun game that you can play at the casino is craps. Craps is yet another lucid game that does not require you to work out the probabilities of winning. The only thing that you need to do is invest some time in the game and wait patiently for the results to start showing. The game involves throwing the dice, and besides that, there is not much you can do. However, your hand movement while you throw the dice, could also determine the outcomes. It might take you some time to get the hang of the same, but you can ace it.


The next game that we have on the list is that of roulette. Roulette is also a classic game and has a significantly high fun quotient. Roulette is an extremely profitable game, and the players could easily win by a huge margin if he/she is patient enough to do some research. Here is a trick for you to make the most out of your time playing the game. If you have enough time on your hands, you could very easily find a machine that is biased. Choose the machine that has been in use for a long time. The outcomes of these machines might be the best to bet on.



Besides the three games that we mentioned in the article, there are several other games that one could indulge in to. You must do your research and choose the game that you think suits you the best. Once you get the hang of which game suits you the best, favorable results will follow, by default.

The Types of Casino Games to Know about

Casino Games

For those who frequent the casinos or have been in one at least once shall know that these places have no shortage of games. The number and variation in the games are what keep the customers flocking to the establishments. Once inside the casino, you can never truly run out of games or be bored. And that is what keeps the business riding high on popularity even in the face of challenges. Speaking of which, gambling enthusiasts must be enlightened about the types of casino games. Casino games, broadly speaking, can be divided into four types- slots, table game, video poker and specialty games. Each of these categories is an umbrella term, and there are several other subsections of these categories. And in an attempt to shed some light on the topic, we have decided to look into these topics in their more significant details.


The first category of casino games that we must discuss is that of slots. Slot games include all the 3D games, progressive jackpots and the like. Fruit machines, single and multi-payline slots are all examples of the category of slots. Slots are the most popular games found at the casinos, and this is not because they pay well. In fact, slot games have a high house edge. However, the fun that comes along with it is worth being a part of.


Table Games:

Perhaps the most variation in games can be found in the table games at the casinos. One can never fall short of games or be bored while trying out the various types of table games. Blackjack, poker, casino war, baccarat and several other types of card games make up the category of table games. Craps is also a very popular form of table game that can be found at the casino. Table games vary in the house edge, and choosing the ones with a low house edge can prove to be extremely lucrative.

Video Poker:

The category of video poker has become increasingly popular these days with the casinos enhancing the animation, sound effects and graphics of the machines. Video poker, as we mentioned earlier, has several sub-categories. Jacks or better, bonus poker, deuces wild and several others are all variations of video poker. Video poker, like slot games, is played on machines and makes for an incredibly fun activity in the casinos.

Video Poker

Finally, the Specialty Games:

The final category that we have in the casino games is that of specialty games. Specialty games are often customized games that have been inspired by the other classic games found at the casinos. These are games that bring in variation in the mundane and dial up the fun quotient.

The next time you visit a casino, keep these categories at the back of your mind and choose a game that you feel can aid you to have fun the most.

The Gambling Laws in Toronto


Canada is the harmonious whisk of natural beauty and urban vogue. The freezing tundra of Nunavut to the ultra-modern skyscrapers of Toronto – a splendid feast to the eye. This sense of delight is not merely restricted to the scenic beauty of the country. Still, it is also exercised by a vigorous gambling industry fortified by a set of gambling laws to maintain its efficacy.

What makes the lawmakers of Canada unique is the even-handed approach they have assimilated despite the temptation of easy money, while also considering the welfare of citizens at the zenith.

The Gambling Laws

According to the Criminal Code, provincial governments are the sole institutions permitted to supervise casino gaming premises. The Ontario government has initiated the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) according to the Ontario Lottery and Hacking Corporation Act, 1999, as the regional establishment that is entitled to oversee gaming premises in Ontario closely following the Gaming Control Act of 1992.

Gambling Laws

The Designation as Eligible Municipality

The eligibility for the inception of a casino requires OLG to classify a municipality as an eligible one considering the motive of the mandate. This dictum restricts OLG from marking designations after March 31, 2003, until the amendment or the promulgation of new regulation.

Municipal Referendum

After the designation as an eligible municipality by OLG, the council is required to proffer a sanctioned plebiscite question to electors in the course of the upcoming election. This ought to be in accordance with the mandates of the Municipal Elections Act 1996.

The act outlines the notice to be presented to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the Chair of the Management Board of Cabinet. If electors pass the proposal with a majority, the municipal council is granted 60 days to inform OLG.

Revenue Sharing Plan

Once the OLG is informed by the municipal council about the initiation of a casino, the OLG could present a revenue-sharing plan to the council. Before OLG permits the inception of a casino, the council has to welcome the revenue sharing plan.

Sharing Plan

Suitability of the Municipality

If a location is suitable for a casino is decided by the OLG considering certain significant factors that include the price of instituting the suggested casino and the feasibility of the proposed casino. Before OLG reached on a consensus, it is mandated to implore and observe the opinion of the Chair of the Management Board of Cabinet.

Approval of the Site

The approval of the site by OLG was a necessity. There does not exist a fixed criterion on the endorsement of a site. However, OLG would not sanction a site unless the municipal council concurred that it would institute any required re-zoning of the area within 60 days after the initiation of the referendum.

The New Normal in Canadian Casinos


Canadian gamblers are bartering in cards and chips for thermometers and sanitisers. A never system of barter has emerged in the pandemic era. Slowly, as the casinos across the State open up, casino halls have changed in countenance. Changes outside have crept inside too.

With labels of safe distancing and warnings on hand hygiene on the notices, gamers have become cautious movers, both in gaming and socialising. Table games have closed down, and slot machines are in few numbers. This is to avoid overcrowding of any sort.

Walls, elevators, and lifts have been tapestried with state guidelines to ensure that the gamers are serious about their health safety.

Casinos have now started applying hygiene principles in the whole set, which was once restricted to washrooms. From antimicrobial sprays to providing disinfectant wipes, casinos have started picking up with the new norm.

Where Casinos are reopening

Alberta became the first province to reopen casinos. The inmates are not compulsorily asked to wear masks, though advised. Casinos have not set any capacity restrictions, though it is recommended, and awareness is given.

Most casinos in the Atlantic provinces have been reopened, while some in Nova Scotia is yet to reopen. Almost 114 casinos have closed down in 72 hours in March. The casino industry accounts for 182000 jobs and charities on $9.2 billion.


Safety Measures

The elaborate reopening protocols of numerous casinos have been made available on their websites. The new normal witnesses slot attendants providing disinfecting wipes to gamblers while disinfecting the slot machines at least once every two hours and a mandatory sanitization schedule to follow closely.

Elevator capacity is reduced to four people with buttons sanitized at a frequent one-hour interval. Priority access through a new RSVP system has been established with masks being a prerequisite, and so is sanitizing hands. A stylus pen is provided to avoid touching devices.

The valet service and urinate are temporarily suspended due to the physical distancing norm in place. Modified table games have arrived with only the croupier handling the chips, while games such as poker are suspended. A separation is laid out between players and the dealer by deploying a plastic screen.

The Alberta Experience

At the River Cree Resort and Casino in Edmonton, every slot machine had plastic barriers attached, sanitization stations, and mandatory masks made available to staff and gamblers. They also deployed an ‘extreme clean team.’ This experience will remind you so much of Sin City with a melange of precautions from hand-washing stations, spaced-out seating, and plexiglass barriers.

Cashless Gambling

A draft was released by the Canadian Gaming Association titled Standards for Cashless Systems. This system entails a working similar to online casinos that will enable gamblers to set a deposit limit for a day. However, the cashless payment options are being explored by casinos and can gradually transcend into the norm primarily because of the fear of the virus.