Blackjack Tips

Blackjack Tips

Hitting means asking for another card. Standing means you don’t take any more additional cards. Splitting when you have 2 cards of the same value you can make two separate hands, the bet is the same as the original bet but essentially you double the bet. Doubling down means to double the amount of your bet, get an extra card and stand. Surrendering means you can surrender half of your bet if you believe you may lose the hand. Insurance means the dealer having an Ace as their up card you can take insurance. Which is a half value of your original bet, so you’re wagering the dealer has a blackjack. Betting each session/hand should be at least 32 betting units. (Example: $10.00 a hand should bring $320.00).

Start with small bets, as your bankroll changes bet higher or lower accordingly. Understanding the dealer. Dealer wins right away if you surrender or bust. When the dealer is closer to 21 in the value of their hand they win. If dealers have 16 or less they must hit. If they have 18 or more they must stand. The dealer has soft 17 they must hit, hard 17 must stand. Choose the right table. Consider the lowest limit game and know your limits. Understand the house edge. A house edge is 2-3 % if the player is not using a strategy. Meaning, over a period of time the house can likely win a profit of 2-3% of the money you are betting. Using a strategy can reduce that percentage. Scale bets up and down depending on your hands. Manage your bankroll, decide on a maximum amount you can comfortably spend before jumping into the game. Never place bets you can’t afford in hope of getting back any losses. Try a betting system, learn splitting, a game strategy. They could work but are not guaranteed. Every move made in blackjack has a big impact. So most importantly, know how to make the most of the hand of cards you’re dealt.

For example ( If you have a 9,5 and the dealer has a face down,4 you should stand. There’s a chance you already beat them or you both might bust just by taking another card. Rule of thumb, if your hand is between 12-16 and the dealer has a hand between 2-6, stand).

For example ( Your hand 8,5 and dealer face down, 8. You want to hit. Good chance the dealer will get a higher total and if you risk they could win. Generally, if you have between 12-16 and the dealer has 7-ace, try to hit).

If you join a table with higher limits you have more serious players possibly using betting systems and the chance of losing quickly without your strategy in place. Always know to stop while you’re ahead and move around. There are many etiquettes in blackjack casinos to remember. Don’t hand money to the dealer. Always place your cash on the outside of your betting spot and tell the dealer your denomination in chips. Do not pick up your cards with 2 hands, only one. When there are 4 cards or more don’t touch the cards. Never move cards anywhere. Must always be in view. Don’t place any objects on the table. Don’t touch chips after bets have been made. Don’t use words, only hand signals when telling your dealer to hit or stand, etc. If you are betting with different denominations of chips, the higher denomination must be at the bottom. Don’t take out any of your frustrations on other fellow players.

Ask to join a table, don’t just sit down and place bets in the middle of a game. Don’t tell players how to play or bet. If they ask for advice then you can choose to offer. Blackjack is a favoured game due to the favourable math, it’s a game of skill. Using certain betting techniques and certain play strategies could swing the odds in your favour. Hints to help: Dealers can’t split pairs, so you have an advantage. Being able to double your wager when it arises, a dealer can not. You could receive a 3-2 bonus payoff, whereas dealers can only get paid 1-1 for their win. Just learning correct standing, splitting and doubling can minimize the house edge. Learn the correct playing strategy. Look for games with favourable rules, look for “comps” and special casino promotions. Some experienced players use counting techniques but it is always not advised. Another key hint when splitting always split Aces, and 8’s don’t split 10’s. Basic keys to strategy could make or break the game. Remember these tips and get out there to place your bets!

Russell C. Remy