The Types of Casino Games to Know about

The Types of Casino Games to Know about

For those who frequent the casinos or have been in one at least once shall know that these places have no shortage of games. The number and variation in the games are what keep the customers flocking to the establishments. Once inside the casino, you can never truly run out of games or be bored. And that is what keeps the business riding high on popularity even in the face of challenges. Speaking of which, gambling enthusiasts must be enlightened about the types of casino games. Casino games, broadly speaking, can be divided into four types- slots, table game, video poker and specialty games. Each of these categories is an umbrella term, and there are several other subsections of these categories. And in an attempt to shed some light on the topic, we have decided to look into these topics in their more significant details.


The first category of casino games that we must discuss is that of slots. Slot games include all the 3D games, progressive jackpots and the like. Fruit machines, single and multi-payline slots are all examples of the category of slots. Slots are the most popular games found at the casinos, and this is not because they pay well. In fact, slot games have a high house edge. However, the fun that comes along with it is worth being a part of.


Table Games:

Perhaps the most variation in games can be found in the table games at the casinos. One can never fall short of games or be bored while trying out the various types of table games. Blackjack, poker, casino war, baccarat and several other types of card games make up the category of table games. Craps is also a very popular form of table game that can be found at the casino. Table games vary in the house edge, and choosing the ones with a low house edge can prove to be extremely lucrative.

Video Poker:

The category of video poker has become increasingly popular these days with the casinos enhancing the animation, sound effects and graphics of the machines. Video poker, as we mentioned earlier, has several sub-categories. Jacks or better, bonus poker, deuces wild and several others are all variations of video poker. Video poker, like slot games, is played on machines and makes for an incredibly fun activity in the casinos.

Video Poker

Finally, the Specialty Games:

The final category that we have in the casino games is that of specialty games. Specialty games are often customized games that have been inspired by the other classic games found at the casinos. These are games that bring in variation in the mundane and dial up the fun quotient.

The next time you visit a casino, keep these categories at the back of your mind and choose a game that you feel can aid you to have fun the most.

Russell C. Remy