The Gambling Laws in Toronto

The Gambling Laws in Toronto

Canada is the harmonious whisk of natural beauty and urban vogue. The freezing tundra of Nunavut to the ultra-modern skyscrapers of Toronto – a splendid feast to the eye. This sense of delight is not merely restricted to the scenic beauty of the country. Still, it is also exercised by a vigorous gambling industry fortified by a set of gambling laws to maintain its efficacy.

What makes the lawmakers of Canada unique is the even-handed approach they have assimilated despite the temptation of easy money, while also considering the welfare of citizens at the zenith.

The Gambling Laws

According to the Criminal Code, provincial governments are the sole institutions permitted to supervise casino gaming premises. The Ontario government has initiated the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) according to the Ontario Lottery and Hacking Corporation Act, 1999, as the regional establishment that is entitled to oversee gaming premises in Ontario closely following the Gaming Control Act of 1992.

Gambling Laws

The Designation as Eligible Municipality

The eligibility for the inception of a casino requires OLG to classify a municipality as an eligible one considering the motive of the mandate. This dictum restricts OLG from marking designations after March 31, 2003, until the amendment or the promulgation of new regulation.

Municipal Referendum

After the designation as an eligible municipality by OLG, the council is required to proffer a sanctioned plebiscite question to electors in the course of the upcoming election. This ought to be in accordance with the mandates of the Municipal Elections Act 1996.

The act outlines the notice to be presented to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the Chair of the Management Board of Cabinet. If electors pass the proposal with a majority, the municipal council is granted 60 days to inform OLG.

Revenue Sharing Plan

Once the OLG is informed by the municipal council about the initiation of a casino, the OLG could present a revenue-sharing plan to the council. Before OLG permits the inception of a casino, the council has to welcome the revenue sharing plan.

Sharing Plan

Suitability of the Municipality

If a location is suitable for a casino is decided by the OLG considering certain significant factors that include the price of instituting the suggested casino and the feasibility of the proposed casino. Before OLG reached on a consensus, it is mandated to implore and observe the opinion of the Chair of the Management Board of Cabinet.

Approval of the Site

The approval of the site by OLG was a necessity. There does not exist a fixed criterion on the endorsement of a site. However, OLG would not sanction a site unless the municipal council concurred that it would institute any required re-zoning of the area within 60 days after the initiation of the referendum.

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